Galaxy A52s 5G Vs. Galaxy A52 5G: What’s New & Different?

Galaxy A52s 5G Vs. Galaxy A52 5G What's New & Different

The Galaxy A52s 5G and A52 5G both pack a big punch. But what’s actually different between the two? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Galaxy A52s 5G and A52 5G are two of Samsung‘s best budget smartphones  — but which one is ultimately worth someone’s hard-earned dollars? To say that affordable smartphones have come a long way in recent years would be a considerable understatement. Getting a quality phone for $300 – $400 used to be unimaginable, but today, there are plentiful options. Thanks to handsets like the Pixel 3a, OnePlus Nord, and iPhone SE, cheap smartphones are better today than they’ve ever been before.

Among all of the companies out there, Samsung has shown some of the most substantial growth in this area. Its budget phones are shipping with dramatically improved specs, nicer designs, and that hard work is paying off. In Q1 2020, the Galaxy A51 was the best-selling Android smartphone in the entire world. The Galaxy A52 5G debuted in March 2021 as a highly-anticipated successor, followed by the A52s 5G just a few months later that August.

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