Ghost Hunters Corp: How to Use The Crucifix (& What It’s For)

Ghost Hunters Corp How to Use The Crucifix (& What It’s For)

In Ghost Hunters Corp, players will need to bring and use a Crucifix as a defense against ghosts. It will only work against certain entities, however.

Crucifixes in Ghost Hunters Corp are usually gold and inlaid with jewels to let players know they are active. They can be used up, however, and if the ghost comes in contact with the Crucifix too frequently, it will turn entirely grey. Once it has turned grey, players are no longer protected and will need another Crucifix before they continue their investigation. Unlike Crucifixes in Phasmophobia, the Crucifixes in Ghost Hunters Corp don’t entirely guarantee safety, and some ghosts can simply walk right through the barrier and attack the player character. For the most part, however, Crucifixes can help repel angry spirits long enough for players to get back to the van or finish gathering evidence and begin or complete an exorcism. Here’s how to use a Crucifix in Ghost Hunters Corp.

How To Repel Ghosts With A Crucifix In Ghost Hunters Corp

The Crucifix in Ghost Hunters Corp is useful both in a player’s hands and left on the ground. It creates a sort of barrier to push the ghost back should it try to attack the player while aggravated. If the ghost tries to cross the barrier, it will slowly deplete the Crucifix’s power until it eventually burns it, turning it grey and eliminating its protection. Players can usually start the match with several of these available in case of an emergency.

Crucifixes will be especially useful while the team gathers evidence, as they can protect players and their equipment from the entity. For example, if players choose to read from the Exorcism Book to irritate the ghost and get it to show itself, or if they choose to say, “Come get me” or “Show yourself,” they may want to stand behind a Crucifix on the floor or hold one in their other hand to repel an angry ghost. This is likely to burn up the Crucifix somewhat quickly, so players should be prepared to put some distance between themselves and the ghost after reading or doing anything else to irritate it.

Players are not ever completely safe when using the Crucifix in Ghost Hunters Corp and may also want other ghost-repelling items with them, including the Statue Marie. Players can also run out of the house and shut the door on the ghost, as well as shut the door to the van, to keep spirits at bay. They will want to stay away from the ghost’s attacks as much as possible. If players die during a mission, they lose any equipment left in the house, including Crucifixes that have not yet been fully consumed. As Ghost Hunters Corp continues its Steam Early Access period, it is likely more defensive items like the Crucifix will be added to the team’s arsenal.


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