How to Get Monster Fluid in Monster Hunter Stories 2

How to Get Monster Fluid in Monster Hunter Stories 2
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Monster Fluid is a valuable crafting item in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This guide will show players the best place to find this important item.

Monster Fluid is the liquid that bugs take out of certain monsters. This item can be used to craft healing items and specific pieces of equipment. Since this is a turn-based title, having more healing items will benefit the player a long way. It is a bit easier to grind for materials in this title when compared to the mainline entries since the drop rate is much more forgiving. This guide will show players the best way they can grind for Monster Fluid.

How To Get Monster Fluid In Monster Hunter Stories 2

The best way to get Monster Fluid in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is by defeating bugs. Any bug in any region can be potentially farmed for Monster Fluid. Although, the best bug to hunt for will be all versions of the Bnahabra. Since they spawn in groups, players will have a much easier time collecting Monster Fluid upon defeating them. It’s understandable the players might get bored fighting the same monster again and again so it is possible to obtain Monster Fluid from different sources. Players can take a gander at the Monster-pedia to see which bugs drop Monster Fluid to make it easier to hunt for them.

Monster Fluid will be beneficial to players who want to create a ton of healing items. This can be vital right before certain boss battles or enemy encounters. Unlike Monster Hunter Rise, enemy encounters are much faster, making it easier to collect the materials the player will need without investing hours into the game.


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