How to Get Phantom Art in Scarlet Nexus

How to Get Phantom Art in Scarlet Nexus
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Scarlet Nexus features a hefty lineup of characters and weapons. Here’s how players can get Phantom Art to create each character’s ultimate weapon.

Throughout the game, players will find themselves going up against tough foes, like the Perry duo of bosses, and gaining more powerful abilities along the way. Players have access to a variety of weapons that can be used along with extra-sensory abilities to take down Others. While players might have a good grasp on favorite weapons and play styles, there are ultimate weapons players can unlock for maximum damage. These ultimate weapons are unlocked by using a resource called Phantom Art on specific weapons coinciding with each character. Here’s how players can get Phantom Art for each character in Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus: How To Get Phantom Art For Each Character

First things first, players must beat the game to gain access to Phantom Art. It does not matter whether players complete Yuito or Kasane’s story first. Yuito and Kasane’s Phantom Arts are unlocked upon completion of the story, but the rest of the characters must complete side quests to unlock Phantom Art. Players do not need to have a high bond level with any of the characters to unlock their ultimate weapons, however, achieving this feat will grant players some rewards. Here are the requirements for unlocking each character’s Phantom Art along with the weapons that can be upgraded:

  • Yuito—Finish story mode—Douji Setsu Ami
  • Kasane—Finish story mode—Mao Kai
  • Hanabi—Complete “Important Mission” side quest—Prometheus Torch Type 6
  • Gemma—Complete “No Interference!” Side quest—Gou Musou Land Type
  • Tsugumi—Complete “Verifying the Secret” side quest—Lily Bell M20-6
  • Luka—Complete “For the Exhibition” side quest—Weight Hammer v6
  • Shiden—Complete “For the Exhibition” side quest—Special Guard Stick Rikugo
  • Kagero—Complete “Help with a Report” side quest—Invisible Dancer v6
  • Arashi—Complete “Enchanted by Weapons” side quest—Innocent Rabbit Hug 6
  • Kyoka—Complete “Want to Learn More” side quest—Buronghorn 286

Once a Phantom Art has been acquired, players must go to the Shop Robot and scroll over to the Exchange tab to build the character’s ultimate weapon. There are two upgrade phases for each weapon, with the second phase requiring the weapon’s Phantom Art. Using the corresponding weapon, the Phantom Art, and the indicated resources, players will be able to create that character’s ultimate weapon. After beating the game and returning to new game plus, gaining an ultimate weapon is the satisfaction players need to stay hooked on Scarlet Nexus!


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