iPhone: How To Make Text Larger Or Smaller For Individual Apps

iPhone How To Make Text Larger Or Smaller For Individual Apps
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Apple recently provided the iPhone with a new way to resize text. There was already a general control to make fonts larger or smaller, but this new feature is much more useful, allowing the size to be adjusted for each individual app. As a result, apps that a user finds hard to read can now be enlarged and when more on-screen information is needed, text size can be changed to appear in a smaller font.

Apple already had a method of changing font size, but this was a system-wide effect that is still available. Found in the accessibility settings, the Larger Text option is meant to assist users that have trouble reading smaller text and for those with low vision. Apple’s vision accessibility controls include even more settings, that help by increasing contrast, reducing transparency effects, bolding text, and inverting colors. These controls affect everything that appears on the iPhone’s screen which can be very helpful when needed, but may not suit the majority of iPhone users.

Apple has added another text-size control with the upcoming iOS 15 update that makes it possible to change the font size for one or more apps as well as adjust the overall sizing with a quick access gesture. While general sizing is helpful in terms of making the iPhone more accessible, this more nuanced way of adjusting text is a very convenient and useful option for everyone. For example, social media apps that tend to focus on images with short text posts might benefit from a larger font size, while dense material in a spreadsheet or technical document could be easier to understand if more data is seen at the same time, calling for a smaller size.

IPhone App Text Size Control: Setup & Use

It’s important to note that enabling this feature requires iOS 15, which is currently only available in public beta, with the general release expected in September. After updating to the next operating system version, iPhone users can access the option to adjust the font size for each app separately through the settings. In the Settings app, under the Control Panel options, a tool can be found that’s labeled ‘Text Size.’ Inactive tools are shown below active tools and sorted alphabetically, so the Text Size control will appear near the bottom of the list. Tapping the green plus sign to the right will add it to the iPhone’s Control Panel. It can be removed by tapping the red minus sign on the left and the entire list can be rearranged by using the ‘drag handle’ to the right of each tool that looks like three horizontal lines.

Once Text Size is in the Control Panel, it can be accessed by swiping down on the right side of the iPhone’s screen. The tool’s icon looks like two side-by-side capital letters with one smaller than the other. Tapping this tool will allow adjusting the text size by dragging a vertical slider. There are two buttons below this slider that select the currently open app or all apps. This means all apps can be adjusted at once by tapping the button to the right, or the current app’s text size can be changed by tapping the left button. The iPhone’s new Text Size control is very convenient and helps the user customize their display to better suit their needs. Overall, it’s a small update by Apple, but one that can make a big difference.


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