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1 Ahsoka Line Connects 32 Years Of Star Wars History & Sets Up New Disney Movie


One line from Ahsoka episode 4 highlights over 30 years of Star Wars history, but also hints at where the franchise will be going in the future.

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The best Star Wars stories build on the past while pointing to the future, and Ahsoka episode 4 is no different – with one line calling back to 32 years of history while simultaneously pointing to an upcoming Star Wars movie. The heroes and villains of Ahsoka are all focused on one man; Grand Admiral Thrawn, a ruthless Imperial strategist who was lost in hyperspace shortly before the beginning of the Galactic Civil War. His return would reinvigorate the Imperial Remnants, and his tactical brilliant would threaten the entire New Republic.

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Ahsoka has been fighting for light and life since the Clone Wars, but the stakes have never been quite so high. She senses that Thrawn’s return would endanger everything she and her friends have sacrificed to win. This is because, as she states in Ahsoka episode 4, Grand Admiral Thrawn is the heir to the Empire – a term with a rich history in Star Wars, and one that points to an exciting future for the franchise.

Ahsoka Proclaims Thrawn The “Heir To The Empire”

Ahsoka understands the risk Thrawn poses, and in the opening scene of Ahsoka episode 4 she tries to ensure her Padawan does as well. She warns that they must be willing to destroy the starmap if that is what it takes to prevent Morgan finding Thrawn – and knows that by doing so she risks ensuring their friend Ezra Bridger will never be found. But Ahsoka insists this is the right choice, because Thrawn is the “heir to the Empire.

In-universe, Ahsoka’s assessment is probably right. Even Palpatine knew he had few tacticians to equal Thrawn; the Emperor believed Thrawn or Tarkin could have crushed the Rebellion. Thrawn demonstrated his brilliant time an again when he worked against the rebel cell on Lothal, and was only defeated by an event he could not have foreseen – Ezra Bridger summoning a flock of purrgil to drag his ship away into hyperspace. Thrawn’s return – coming at a time when the New Republic is decommissioning its fleet – would be devastating for the galaxy.

“Heir To The Empire” Is A Defining Moment In Star Wars History

The term “Heir to the Empire” is an important one for Star Wars. It dates back to Thrawn’s debut novel in 1991, Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire. Although Star Wars had always been a transmedia franchise, Heir to the Empire breathed new life into it and led to the release of a popular range of bestselling novels. Zahn’s skillful writing made his new characters compelling, while he successfully captured the voices of the original trilogy heroes and established the post-Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe. Many of his ideas have made their way into Star Wars canon – most notably the city-planet of Coruscant and Grand Admiral Thrawn himself.

“Heir To The Empire” is The Best Title For The Mandalorian Movie

Not only is “Heir to the Empire” a historic title, it’s also the best choice for the name of Dave Filoni’s upcoming movie set in The Mandalorian era. This movie will build on the various plot threads established in The Mandalorian and Ahsoka (and also possibly Skeleton Crew), and it’s already been confirmed Grand Admiral Thrawn will be the main villain. of this upcoming Star Wars movie. Filoni will surely opt for such a historic title – making Ahsoka’s comment even more significant and impactful. Ahsoka episode 4 really does point to an exciting future for the entire Star Wars franchise.

New episodes of Ahsoka premiere Tuesdays at 9PM EST/6PM PST on Disney+.

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