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How to Beat Hálogi in Tribes of Midgard (Boss Fight)

How to Beat Hálogi in Tribes of Midgard (Boss Fight)

Hálogi is the fire Jötunn in Tribes of Midgard that seeks to destroy the Seed of Yggdrasil. Although slow, Hálogi deals massive area-of-effect damage.

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A Jötunn’s presence is made known once it begins the long trek to the village. Tribes of Midgard displays a small red skull icon on the mini-map that points towards the invading Jötunn. Although it won’t be immediately known that Hálogi is invading, specifically, he can be sought after without sacrificing any time to prepare for his arrival to the village. He will attack players on sight, however, but any damage he receives won’t be recovered. When Hálogi attacks it stops him in his tracks, slowing down the invasion process as well. Additionally, Hálogi’s base speed is much slower than any player’s in Tribes of Midgard.

Tribes Of Midgard: How To Beat Hálogi

Preparing for Hálogi’s attack requires a few key steps to be taken, and stopping him altogether will require teamwork and cooperation. As with all Jötunn in Tribes of Midgard, the first step to defeating Hálogi is to gather Souls across Midgard. Souls can be acquired from any source like mining, chopping wood, defeating NPCs, and raiding other NPC villages. Souls are used to upgrade the village’s defenses, but they can also be used to upgrade friendly NPCs and the blacksmith. Upgrading the village blacksmith will grant better weapons and armor, making it easier to beat Hálogi.

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Hálogi’s weakness is ice, and crafting ice element weapons will deal additional damage to the giant. Additionally, bows are a necessity when fighting Hálogi in order to keep the offensive strong while remaining outside of his area-of-effect attacks. The ideal strategy to defeat Hálogi involves hit and run tactics with close-range ice weapons and long-range bow attacks, making it harder for solo players to balance everything. This will slow the giant down while the damage continues to be stacked against him. Tribes of Midgard allows up to 10 players to be part of the same village, and while more Viking players mean that Hálogi’s health bar will be scaled to compensate for the difficulty it also means that the tribe can be split into offense and defense. One group should attack the giant while the other builds up the village’s defenses, and when those on the offensive need to heal they can return to the village and send out another member. Keep chipping away at Hálogi’s health and the fiery giant will stand no chance against the full tribe once he reaches the village.

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Tribes of Midgard is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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